Regal Investigations believes in providing affordable investigative services. We believe being upfront about our pricing is the best policy and keeps you informed in order to make a responsible financial decision.

Investigative services :

     - $500 retainer (includes initial 4 hours of case)

     - $85/hour plus mileage ($.85/mile)

Audio/Visual/GPS Detection: $1/sq. ft.


GPS Vehicle Tracking : $100/day

Process Service : $75 per service

Computer Forensics : $200/computer


IPhone message recovery (texts/chats): $250/phone

Court Testimony (if required) : $85/hour

Background Checks (employment, leasing, etc) : $50 per search

Comprehensive Person Report : $150 per report

*All prices are subject to state sales tax of 8.25%*

Tel: 512-779-0173

TX License # A20785

PO Box 2256, Leander, TX 78646

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